My name is Haley and I'm 23. While this blog is my "primary" account, I'm actually more often posting on my personal account, birdie-told-me


bigorangecatmeow asked
How is Tippi?

Thank you so much for asking! Tippi is doing well - her beak is chipped up, but not structurally damaged or anything. She doesn’t even seem to notice it and it’s healing up much more quickly than I expected. :)


If anyone could spare a thought or a prayer for my bird Tippi, we are at the emergency vet after Hedy left a very deep gouge in her beak. She was bleeding rather heavily but doesn’t seem to be in pain - mostly she’s just angry at me for taking her away. Waiting for the vet to tell me how severe it is.

Wow, hello there, new followers! It was really surprising to wake up to such an onslaught of you all. While I’m so glad to see all of you, I just thought I’d make it clear that this particular blog is essentially abandoned. I only keep it around because it’s my main account and I like my sideblogs. My personal/comics blog is still active, and I also have a ridiculous porn commentary blog, but please don’t expect to see much on this one.